Transform your game!

T2Hole is a unique game improvement system that has helped golfers of all ages and levels to improve all aspects of their golf from the tee all the way to the hole.

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    Cure your slice
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    Drive further
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    Chip closer to the hole
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    Hole more putts
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    Hit the ball straighter and further!

Use it anywhere!

It can be used at the range, on the practice ground, at home in your garden or wherever else there is room to swing a club


Free instructional video!

T2Hole comes with a FREE one hour instructional video from Dennis Pugh, Master golf professional & Sky TV presenter!

Money back guarantee

Practice effectively and consistently

The golf game improvement system is designed to help you to get the most out of your practice sessions and is the only training aid on the market that will enable you hit the ball further and straighter, to chip closer, and also to hole a lot more putts.

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    Alignment, Swingpath, Set up and Ball position all in one product
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    Virtually unbreakable
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    Includes FREE Instructional DVD & Bespoke Bag
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    Can be used indoors, in the garden or at the Driving Range
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    Helps all parts of your game, driving, short game, and putting

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